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At TLC Environmental Services LTD, we’re passionate about making homes and workplaces safer. We’re specialists in asbestos surveys, asbestos removal, and asbestos clearance. We also provide reinstatement works and full property refurbishments, serving both domestic and commercial clients. Our journey began in 2015, transforming years of ideas and experiences into a business that we’re extremely proud of.

Our Story

Our Director, Trevor Lawrie, has a story that spans over 20 years in the construction industry. He started his journey as a carpenter, and over the years, he’s worn many hats, including being a Contracts Manager for some of the UK’s leading contractors. This rich tapestry of experience has helped him gain invaluable knowledge and contacts within the industry.

Over the last decade, Trevor’s focus has been on managing asbestos, and his passion for this critical area is clear in the exceptional services he provides. Combining his extensive construction background with a hands-on approach to dealing with asbestos, he has mastered the craft of providing an all-around service. His expertise spans from conducting detailed asbestos surveys to ensuring safe asbestos removal and thorough asbestos clearance. This allows us to offer a one-stop solution, keeping our client’s safety at the heart of what we do. Trust TLC Environmental Services LTD – we’re here to make your spaces safer, one project at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is asbestos removal important?

Undisturbed asbestos poses little risk, though if damaged or disturbed, microscopic fibres may be inhaled. If this happens, they can cause serious diseases including cancers, mesothelioma, asbestosis and pleural thickening.

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Our Mission and Vision

Health and Safety is extremely important to TLC Environmental Services Ltd and all staff are First Aid Trained.

Five Star Google Reviews

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Star Nold
We had an utterly amazing experience with this company and the fabulous staff. Unfortunately we needed to have material in the loft checked for Asbestos. Having searched for companies and phoned around it was clear from the outset that TLC were the best for the job. Jade, on the phone was so helpful, so polite, was able to answer all questions and provide a quote. We decided to go with TLC. Jade arranged for a man (Terry I think) to come round. He turned up at the arranged time. I have to say I have never meet such a knowledgeable, friendly and helpful man. What he doesn't know about asbestos isn't worth knowing. He provided much needed reassurance, assessed the material and took a sample away for offical testing. In a really quick turnaround we received confirmation of the testing (carried out at an approved lab) It wasn't Asbestos. A really efficient, professional and friendly service was provided in a timely manner. We totally recommend TLC Enviromental Services.. Thank you.
adam hills
Could not fault the guys and girls at TLC environmental services LTD. They were superb from start to finish. Quick and easy to get a detailed quote, followed by personal touches to keep us updated with progress and developments as the work is going on. Thanks again ????????
Rachel J Fletcher
Absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Informative and realistic advice on how to tackle the job with a quote broken down so we could pick and choose. Work was booked in quickly, the team turned up early every morning, and didn’t stop working. They were polite, professional, with amazing attention to detail. They cleaned up each day and completed the job a day sooner than we expected. Had regular visits to check we were happy and bring supplies. Would wholeheartedly recommend this company. So happy with the finished result.
Marianne S
I cannot rate this amazing Company highly enough. They are totally hard working, providing an exceptionally caring, compassionate, friendly service all round. This work force went above and beyond to meet our needs, working safely, efficiently and leaving the site brilliantly clean. I could give them 100 stars, but that really isn’t enough for such an outstanding, highly motivated and first class Company. Thank you to everyone at TLC for all that you have done for us.

Asbestos fibers can be released into the air when asbestos-containing materials are disturbed or damaged. This poses health hazards like mesothelioma, lung cancer and incurable, progressive asbestosis.

Duty holders must identify if asbestos is present in their buildings and manage it safely to reduce health risks.

By law, every non-domestic building should maintain an asbestos register. This record tells us where asbestos is in the building and what state it’s in. It also has a plan for handling the asbestos safely. Failure to have this register can result in fines of up to £20,000.

Asbestos waste has to be double-bagged in approved thick sacks, labelled as asbestos, and hauled in covered trucks to hazardous landfills. It can’t be taken to normal tips. There’s strict documentation and tracking to confirm proper disposal.

Under no circumstances. Untrained or unequipped homeowners risk toxic exposures and contamination. Asbestos is designated a “Controlled Waste” for good reason per Environmental Permitting Regulations.

Prices vary depending on the extent of asbestos, its accessibility, and how much work is involved. Please contact TLC Environmental for a custom quote.

Undamaged asbestos floor tiles are usually low-risk if covered by other floors. But over time they can become friable. Removing them prevents that and avoids exposure during any future flooring work. Encapsulation is another option. Please consult our team to be safe.

Don’t disturb it. Our certified professionals can analyse such areas, determining appropriate risk reduction steps accordingly.

Where encapsulation is technically possible, sealing asbestos in situ can control fibre release risks more reliably than removal processes.

Unlikely. While still unsafe, short exposures are far less concerning than frequent higher exposures.

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