Asbestos roof
Asbestos roof
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Asbestos Removal Essex

Asbestos removal work is a significantly hazardous job. This is because when materials containing asbestos are disturbed or damaged, tiny fibres become airborne. When these fibres are inhaled, they become embedded in the lungs and can cause serious diseases. 

That’s why this job must be left to experienced qualified professionals to remove asbestos. Additionally, having the necessary tools and materials is absolutely essential. Throughout Essex there are still many properties both residential and commercial that contain dangerous asbestos containing materials. 

Proper management of asbestos is so important and that’s why our expert team are on hand to help. After an asbestos survey has been carried out on your property, the asbestos surveyor will create a report detailing the work that needs to be carried out and which types of asbestos have been found as well as the health and safety measures necessary to keep everyone involved safe. 

We cover everything from asbestos identification, all types of surveys including asbestos management surveys, and visual inspection of asbestos and the safe removal and clearance of the dangerous material. .

Our professionals have experience dealing with all types of materials containing asbestos for many residential properties and private organisations, as well as large businesses and buildings.

This includes services for local authorities and schools. Our areas of asbestos removal, include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

→  Textured Coated Ceiling/Walls
→  Insulation Board
→  Floor Tiles
→  Roof Felt
→  Soffits/Undercloaking


→  Water Tanks
→  Garage/Shed Roof
→  Toilet Cisterns
→  Bathroom/Kitchen Risers
→  Flue Pipes

Asbestos Removal Projects

Take a look at some of our most recent projects completed by our professionals.

A worker on an asbestos removal site
TLC- Enviromental

Asbestos Removal Services

Our Process

We will deliver full identification of any materials containing asbestos on your premises, as required.

Once materials containing asbestos have been detected, either by our team of experts or following a survey report, we will inspect and advise on the best method of removal or containment.

Our professionals will safely remove the asbestos material and contain the hazardous elements in a secure space. We will arrange disposal of any asbestos or hazardous waste found to ensure your property is free from possible contamination.

Following the removal of any asbestos materials, we offer a reinstatement service. This could include soffits, roofing, ceilings and flooring – essentially any reinstatement following a removal service.

UKATA Certified Specialists

Why Choose TLC Environmental? 

TLC Environmental have been providing asbestos removal services and all types of asbestos surveys throughout Essex since 2015. With over 20 years of industry experience, director Tevor Lawrie has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge to guide him in setting up the company to be a leader in the area. 

At TLC we pride ourselves on offering a ‘one company’ ethos that can deliver a project from start to finish, giving our clients the result they desire without having to deal with multiple companies and contractors.