Asbestos roof
Asbestos roof

Asbestos Surveys

If you are concerned about your property containing asbestos materials, we will organise a visit to your premises to complete a full asbestos survey inspection. If necessary upon inspection completion, we’ll assist you with a quality and tailored asbestos removal plan.

The purpose of asbestos surveys is to make a ‘materials assessment’. It involves the process of recording what asbestos containing materials are found, where it is, how much there is, how accessible it is, its condition and the type of asbestos it is.

Our asbestos survey strategy will help determine the extent of work required. You will be guided throughout the whole process by our professionals, from start to finish.

We will inform you on the type of survey needed, where it is needed and the results we have recorded.

Advise & Quote

We will help you establish whether you need a Demolition, Refurbishment or Asbestos Survey based on your property and your need for knowing if your property contains asbestos. We will guide you through the process of sampling, reporting and potential remedial works that you may require.

Identify Asbestos

To identify the type of asbestos material on your property, a sample will be collected by our professional team for tests in a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Asbestos Survey Report

Following your asbestos survey, we will provide a written report on the results we have found. All of our asbestos survey reports include a register of the asbestos materials identified.