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Asbestos Disposal By Licensed UK Specialists

Asbestos used to be an affordable, durable, and fire-resistant building material. Today, we know that exposure to asbestos fibres carries devastating health effects. If you have identified asbestos materials in your home or building, it is important to understand the strict regulations in place and not attempt to remove or dispose of it yourself. Careful asbestos removal and disposal per UK HSE and Environment Agency guidelines is critical

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What Is Asbestos and Why Does It Need Special Disposal?

Asbestos refers to six naturally occurring silicate minerals used commonly in various construction materials in the past. When asbestos fibres become airborne, they can cause serious health issues like mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

At TLC Environmental, our technicians have two decades of specialised experience strictly following official protocols for protective equipment, fibre containment, leakproof packaging, certified transport vehicles, and authorised waste sites – all to prevent environmental and personal asbestos exposure. We coordinate everything from granting notifications, to waste transfer certificates, to disposal facility bookings.

Careful and Compliant Asbestos Disposal at Approved Sites in the UK

The asbestos removal process begins with an initial survey to identify all asbestos materials needing removal. We will then give you a quote for complete removal and disposal services.

Strict procedures are followed during removal, clean-up and loading for transportation to prevent the release of asbestos fibres into surrounding areas. Waste is promptly sealed and labelled as designated asbestos waste.

Post-removal, we properly package asbestos waste for leakproof transport to approved hazardous waste landfills. Consignment notes track the materials so nothing gets mishandled. We adhere to HSE, DOT and EA regulations through final disposal, relieving you of the hassles and risks.

Advise & Quote

We will help you establish whether you need a Demolition, Refurbishment or Asbestos Survey based on your property and your need for knowing if your property contains asbestos.

Identify Asbestos

To identify the type of asbestos material on your property, a sample will be collected by our professional team for tests in a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Asbestos Survey Report

Following your asbestos survey, we will provide a written report on the results we have found. All of our asbestos survey reports include a register of the asbestos materials identified.


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Don’t risk exposure by attempting DIY asbestos handling. Our experts make the process smooth from inspection to disposal to certification. We work closely with clients explaining what to expect throughout asbestos disposal, and addressing any concerns.

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Do I need to dispose of small amounts of asbestos?

Yes, all quantities of asbestos require safe disposal by law to protect health. Even small exposures contribute to disease risk.

Can't I just throw asbestos materials in household waste?

No, asbestos must go to approved hazardous waste sites to prevent exposure to garbage handling and landfill contamination.

Is DIY asbestos removal safe if I'm careful?

No. Disturbing asbestos unsafely releases fibres. Asbestos removal requires licensed professionals to use protective equipment and procedures.

Does asbestos disposal require special permits and paperwork?

Yes, notifications, waste transfer notes, and consignments track asbestos to final disposal. We handle all compliance documentation.

How much does asbestos removal and disposal cost?

Costs vary on the asbestos type, quantity, access, and labour involved. We provide free quotes explaining charges so there are no surprises.

How long does the asbestos disposal process take?

After inspection and quoting, our technicians can typically complete removal and final disposal within 1-2 weeks depending on project specifics.

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